About me

Basic info
I'm a 16 y. o. Polish girl, living in Warsaw. My name's Marta, but sometimes I like to be called Lu. I happen to be slightly anti-social from time to time, I'm definitely an introvert, and shy - I try to overcome that every day. :D I also have a split personality and I'm a snail, asdfgh.
I play the piano, sing and compose music. In the future I'd like to be a musician and my greatest role model ever is Tori Amos. I attend the music school and currently I'm in the rhythmic section. 

I've always dreamed of becoming a writer and I'll be one for sure. Because the greatest people became great due to their determination. End of story, one day you'll see my novels in the bookstores. :3
I'm also interested in fashion, psychology and psychiatry, dreaming, drawing and... postcards. 

Lu & her postcards
I've always liked sending cards, but gave it up when nobody sent me something back. Then in 2011 I came across postcrossing and loved that site. It took me long to register there, though. I created my account in July, 2012. 

And, yup... this is the moment when I experience the writing-block. Whatever. I hope you'll like my blog and visit it from time to time. :)
Have a nice day and happy postcrossing, 

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