wtorek, 17 lipca 2012

Dalmatian style

Today appears to be a very nice day. The weather isn't sunny at all which seems like a blessing after 2 weeks of summer hotness. And I received my first official card from the Postcrossing site. :D

It came to me from the Netherlands after a 4-day travel. 
The sender introduced herself as Ella and she chose this card for me probably due to my interest in fashion. I used to enjoy watching "101 Dalmatians", so this postcard resulted in a big smile on my face. Everything in the photo is spotted - even the walls and the carpet!
Ella wrote me some words in her native language. It's quite similar to German, so understanding it didn't cause me that many problems as I would expect. :)
I managed to translate it into the wishes of nice summer vacations and greetings from the Netherlands. 

The postcard had a nice stamp with a lightbulb.

I got some stickers too. There was a time when I used to collect stickers, as probably all the little girls do at some point in their lives. :D

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