poniedziałek, 23 lipca 2012

The Bridge

I'm such a lucky little girl and I can't believe in the presence of the postcard I found in my mailbox today. 
It's the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco! <3 My favorite bridge in the entire world and also the place I want to see so badly if I ever go to the USA. 

Anyway, here's the prettie.

The sender, Rheanna, doesn't live in San Francisco, but she loves visiting this city. There are many cultures there that makes the whole area truly diverse. On the streets of San Francisco you can meet many musicians, playing various tunes.

I also got to know something about Rheanna's hometown - Eugene in Oregon, USA. It's known as the "Track Town USA". It even held Track and Field Olympic Traits in June 2012.

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  1. Aww, amazing card! Are they clouds or fog in the picture?

    1. I believe these are clouds. I've seen a documentary in which that bridge played an important part and as far as I remember I could see the clouds too back then. The title of that post is strongly connected to that film, which is also titled "The Bridge" and tells the stories of people who have jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge in order to commit suicide. It's beautiful but also unfortunately popular among people who want to kill themselves.