piątek, 27 lipca 2012

See the Sun Again

Ladies and gentlemen, the song first:

I remembered it just a second ago. Forgot how I enjoyed this song back in 2009. I'm pretty sure that for 3 years in hadn't listened to it at all. Time passes so quickly. 

Another postcard from my auntie. She's already back in Poland and I've talked to her on the phone. She told me that she'd enjoyed writing the first card so much that she'd decided to send me another one. Thank you, auntie. :3

This one is from Barcelona. Much hotter than Lloret de Mar, as I'd heard. 

Tomorrow I'm off to Sweden for 3 days - hopefully I'll bring some beautiful postcards home. I'm so excited, as I've always wanted to visit a Scandinavian country (hoped more for Norway, or Finland, but whatever. xD)

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