wtorek, 31 lipca 2012

Summer in Holten

I'm back from Sweden and that was a nice trip. Despite the cold weather and a little car accident we had on our way home, I'm happy that I could see Karlskrona. 
But I'll write about that later, probably this week, however not today. Today it's time to present a card I got on the 27th July. 

It came to me from Heike, who lives in the Netherlands with her big family. Her hometown is Holten - a small village in the Eastern part of the country. It's a part of the "Sallandse Heuvelrug" National Park, taht covers a beautiful, natural area with some ravines that are the remains of the glacial period. 
Holten was founded around 1230. Today it plays the role of a tourist atraction and in summer the town can be really crowded.

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